Study Abroad

Study abroad enhances employment opportunities.

Study away in Australia, Canada, UK, USA and around the world. Glocal Visas offers its well-known counseling to students anywhere in the world. College or career counseling, we will help you choose the right path.

Glocal Visas is an international student visa consultancy firm providing support to students with a wide variety of student visa programs.

US, UK, Australia and Canada are currently the most popular destinations for international students.

Choosing a study abroad program is an exciting and important part of your college experience. Many students begin by thinking about what sort of academic experience they want abroad. Students can work on improving communication skills in a foreign language, take classes in their major or minor, get elective credit, do an internship, volunteer and more. Following the steps below will keep you on track to making your study abroad experience a reality.

There are various types of education courses and Student Visas for Australia, Canada, UK and US. Choosing the best course and visa now can affect your future possibilities for permanent visas. Using a qualified and experienced professional student visa consultant ensures that you understand the long-term impact of your planned study and gives you the best opportunity to meet your long-term goals.

  1. Australian Student Visa
  2. Canadian Student Visa
  3. UK Student Visa
  4. USA Student Visa

Student visa processes can also be complex. For example, some Student Visas:

  1. can be lodged online;
  2. require proof of funds for the duration of the course;
  3. Have different requirements for family members depending on your situation.
  4. English language requirement
  5. Aptitude test requirement
Why Study Abroad?

Everybody has different reasons for wanting to study abroad. Which ones apply to you?

  1. Learn a language
  2. Improve the other language(s) I know
  3. Live somewhere else
  4. See something different
  5. Do something fun
  6. Discover something new
  7. Get away
  8. Get some experience
  9. Get some perspective
  10. Find myself
  11. Lose myself
  12. Experience a whole different way of thinking and being and living, even if only for a few months, so that I can return with a new understanding of the world and my place in it.

Ask almost anyone who’s gone through one of Glocal Visas partner college/university programs (and we can hook you up with hundreds of people to talk to, if you like), and they’ll say their time away was challenging, exciting, sobering, rewarding, and, in short, “one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

You really only have one chance to do it. So do it with the people who pioneered the whole idea and have created one of the best studying abroad consultancy in the business: Glocal Visas Study Abroad Program.

Glocal Visas can help you do any or all of the things on that list above. We possess the resources, knowledge, and assistance to ensure you have a truly world-class experience…and that you come home a different person than the one who left the previous semester.

Apply & Go

Here’s where your journey really begins…

You are a unique student. Your background, dreams and goals are yours alone. With hundreds of programs to choose from, finding the right program will take some planning. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1. Investigate programs

Glocal Visas offers hundreds of programs abroad in partner colleges and universities. Here are some resources to help you choose the program that best meets your goals.

  • Attend an information session or a program-specific information session. See: Study Abroad Events Calendar
Step 2. Meet with a study abroad program coordinator

After setting goals and researching your options, you’ll have a better idea of what program and/or location is best for you. Now is a great time to make an appointment with a study abroad program coordinator. The best coordinator for you may be in Glocal Visas, or in your college or department.

Step 3. Apply

Visit Glocal Visas to discuss your study abroad options in detail.