Skilled Immigration

Glocal Visas is the leading Skilled Immigration Consultant in the United Arab Emirates


Did you know there are over 30+ different skilled immigration programs to apply for permanent resident status in Australia, Canada and New Zealand? If you do not understand the details of these visas it can be very confusing to determine the appropriate visa for your situation because there are so many choices and eligibility factors to consider.

Finding the right immigration program is not always an easy task! We are here to assist and advice you with your visa application and immigration issues.

  1. Australian Immigration
  2. Canadian Immigration
  3. New Zealand Immigration
Immigration Process

During the immigration process, we as an immigration consultant firm will assist you with all the necessary immigration services by following the listed guidelines:

  1. Evaluate your eligibility under Australian, Canadian and New Zealand Immigration Laws
  2. Initiate the legal process and application
  3. Professionally advise you on the necessary steps, to ensure all mandatory requirements are met
Glocal Visas immigration consultants advising on all aspects of skilled immigration and state nominee programs, including:
  1. Free Immigration Assessments for Canada, Australia and New Zealand skilled programs
  2. Career Counseling
  3. Choosing the right destination for you and your family to migrate
  4. Immigration interview preparations (if required)
  5. Pre-landing consultation and documentation
  6. Travel Assistance
  7. Post arrival problem solving