Free Visa Assessment

The assessment takes only a few minutes to complete

Find out if you qualify to apply for Visit Visa, Student Visa or Immigration (Permanent Residence).

Glocal Visas FREE Visa Assessment service is offered by our highly experienced immigration consultants to quickly analyze your immigration needs and determine eligibility. We offer FREE Visa Assessment for employers, employees and other individuals seeking legal advice or answers for non-complex issues before becoming our client.

NOTE: If you have a complex legal matter that requires a detailed assessment, you will be asked to schedule a paid consultation.

What’s included in our FREE Visa Assessment?

  1. A 10-minute consultation
  2. 100% Free Immigration Assessment Report
  3. A Step-by-step Process Sheet: It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4!
  4. Quick but thorough review of the client’s situation
  5. Determination whether we can represent the client’s case or if a paid consultation will be required


Privacy Notice

The personal information you provide to the Glocal Visas Immigration Consultant Dubai is secure and is collected with the sole purpose of assessing your potential for immigration to Australia, Canada or New Zealand under the current respective immigration selection criteria. We will respond to you only in regard to your Immigration evaluation. You may consult our Privacy Policy for complete details.